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show: 壞壞 publish time: 2022-10-03 screen shot
During the intermission of the human body sketch, the model Liangliang discovered that the artist's paintings were extremely poor, but her agent told Liangliang that this master-level artist is famous for his abstraction, and many collectors abroad are rushing to acquire it. If If she successfully pleases him, she might be able to give her a push in the future. After hearing this, Liangliang decided to use her coquettish advantage to attack. She expressed to the painter that she hoped to create a work of her youthful body and hoped that the master would help. The master agreed after looking at it. One day, Liangliang became quite bold and extremely passionate about the master. The master did not take it seriously. After all, girls always want to leave the most beautiful bodies, but Liangliang told the master that she wanted to leave her own masturbation works of art. Halfway through the painting, the master couldn't help but get an erection. The two began to learn from each other's painting skills
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