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show: 孟若羽 publish time: 2022-10-13 screen shot
Entering the small SM classroom, a masked man briefly explained the rules of the game, and then began to fill in the items he wanted to be served. The male protagonist filled in the SM items: foot fetish, feeding, command obedience, humiliation, ejaculation control, etc. option, the masked man took the male protagonist into a small room and began to explain the rules of the game, including the use of safe words. When the relationship began, the queen put a collar on him and beat him with a whip to humiliate him. The queen stepped on the cake with both feet and asked the man to lick the foot where the queen had stepped on the cake. The queen stepped on his glans with her wet feet, humiliating him continuously in the process. The Queen asked the male protagonist to put on a blindfold, and let the male protagonist blindly guess what he was licking, from fingers to breasts to abalone. The Queen was very satisfied with the male protagonist's performance and decided to reward him well. The two of them Started to do it.
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